Sidvik Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand

The advent of manufactured concrete sand indicated a revolution in eco-friendly and sustainable practices by replacing natural river sand. Sidvik concrete sand has upheld its quality and developed into the most innovative and scientifically graded choice in the market.

Sidvik concrete sand is purposefully designed for incorporation as an aggregate in concrete, cement, and asphalt mixtures. It is typically composed of good Gradation based on IS code 383 with siltfree content. Renowned for its coarse surface, it readily bonds with water, cement, and other aggregates, resulting in robust and durable concrete products.

Key Features of Sidvik concrete Sand

  • 1Strong bonding with cement and water due to its coarse nature.
  • 2 Quality assurance through washed and screened coarse sand.
  • 3 Ensures durability and robustness in concrete.
  • 4 Versatile applications in construction and landscaping.
  • 5Trusted choice for projects ranging from residential to commercial.