Sidvik Plastering sand

Plastering Sand

Sidvik Plastering Sand is a finely graded variant crucial for construction applications, offering specific characteristics ideal for achieving a smooth and even surface. It is typically the preferred choice for plastering, composed of granule sizes ranging from 0 to 2.36 mm. Our plastering sand is free from impurities such as iron pyrites, alkalis, salts, coal, mica, and other harmful elements, which can affect durability and appearance according to IS 1542:1992 standards. Furthermore, our sand boasts a 0% wastage factor and contributes to superior compression strength compared to river sand.

Key Feature of Sidvik Plastering Sand

  • 1 Guarantees a robust foundation
  • 2Enhances building durability by preventing cracks
  • 3 Prevents from structural issues like 'honeycombing' over time
  • 4 Fine composition ensures a smooth finishing
  • 5Ideal for achieving impeccable plaster surfaces